When do I pay for my lessons and house?

Regarding payment, you pay here in the school’s office on your first day of classes, for everything. You do not have to pay anything in advance! You can pay with dollars, quetzals (at a rate of 7.5 will be used), traveler checks and credit card. I would not recommend credit card however since we have a 10% service charge over the total amount. Traveler checks are always recommendable as they are insured against loss or robbery. We do not accept personal cheques. We are not expensive, neither cheap, we offer our classes for a promedium comercial price that offers quality, specially for students just like you.

Do you have courses for children?

Yes. We are happy to teach children of any age or ability, and have been doing so for many years. Sevilla has a number of teachers whose educational specialisation is in children, and who have experience in teaching children. We would be happy to allocate any of these staff members to your child. These teachers will plan and structure the lessons in a child-friendly way, with games based activities and breaks should your child feel suited to this. They are also able to speak some English if or when necessary.

If a child comes and stays in the same room does he/she need to pay?

Children from 3 years old and up pay the normal price.

What is the average age of your students?

The majority of our students are in their 20s and 30s. However, we usually have a number of people aged 40-75 studying with us. We also have students as young as 6, many high school students and many retired students. All ages are welcome.

Why do you think are the best Spanish School in Antigua and what makes you different from other Spanish schools?

Sevilla is one of only a few schools in Antigua authorized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education. It is certified by various local universities and has also been independently ranked in the top 4 schools in Antigua.

Sevilla has worked in conjunction with various groups and organizations such as KLM Airlines, US High School and Tour Groups as well as Foreign Diplomats from Embassies. Finally, Sevilla is authorized and recommended by The Tourism Institute of Guatemala (INGUAT) and various Travel Guides such as Lonely Planet and The Rough Guide.

Our teachers here are highly qualified professionals, most of whom have in excess of 10 years teaching experience, something which is not common practice in many other language schools. The director, Carlos, was himself a Spanish teacher for 5 years, and so is able to run his school with a level of understanding of his students and teachers that is superior to many other directors. We create an exceptionally friendly and integrated environment of students and teachers – something that enables us to enjoy an extremely high rate of returnees amongst our students, many of whom have so enjoyed their Guatemalan experience with us that they return for 3/6 months to further their language ability.

We are also located on a peaceful part of 1st avenue which has very little passing traffic. Our school is clean, spacious, and classes take place in two beautiful large open courtyards with garden.

I was hoping to do some volunteer work – possibly with children.

Yes we can accommodate this. We are currently working diffent projects, we will provide all this information once you are here at the school’s office. There is no charge to work with our project.

Does a student need to acquire a special visa for staying in Guatemala for 3 months?

It depends where you’re coming from. If it’s Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc. then no you don’t need a visa. You are issued 90 days at the point of entry to Guatemala and do not need to declare yourself a student. After 90 days you can buy an extension in Guatemala City for another 90 days (or leave the country for 72 hours for example by going to Mexico or Belize, but not Honduras or El Salvador as it´s the same visa), and then after the 180 day total you have to leave the country for 72 hours.. Please note that unfortunately Sevilla cannot provide any assistance in obtaining a Guatemalan visa if you are from a country that requires it.

Are the specific starting dates or can an individual come and go whenever they please?

We offer programs year round including School Holidays, Semana Santa (Easter) and Christmas time. Although most students study from Monday through to Friday, our flexibility to your needs and schedule means you can start with us any day you wish! which means it is not necessary to start on Monday of every week. (Please note, weekend and public Holiday Rates may apply).

Note: Although most students study from Monday through to Friday, our flexibility to your needs and schedule means you can start with us any day you wish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are your students coming from?

We have students from all different countries around the world. Approximately 50% are European (historically we have had a lot of Dutch students), 30% American and 20% from other places like Australia, Canada, Japan, Corea, Israel etc.

Do I have to share a room at the student house?

All rooms are private; you will not have to share with anyone. Bathrooms are shared in the majority of our accommodations, you can also ask for student house with private bathroom. See our list prices.

Our doors are open for any student or anyone willing to come to Guatemala and have an unforgettable learning and cultural experience in Guatemala

Will I have access to computers with Internet service, so that I can check my e-mail and so on?

Absolutely, we have computers at the school and free Wi-Fi too to use with your laptop or smartphone.

Are there any instructors at the school who normally work with beginners or who are particularly good with beginners? Is it a problem that I have never studied Spanish at all?

Approximately 90% of our students that start here are true beginners; to beginners so all our teachers have a lot of experience with such students. As a school we do promote total immersion which of course means English is not spoken or spoken only a little. This method does work and it’s important to note that not all students who come here speak English to reference (i.e. Japanese, Koreans and Eastern Europeans) but you will not find any communication inconvenience. We have many teachers here who speak some or a lot of English so can allocate you one of these if you desire. All teachers have a knowledge of English they have years of experience. Our program is very flexible too, if for example after a class, you are not comfortable with your teacher you can make an immediately change. We really trust in our teachers, but we know that sometimes the personality doesn’t match.