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Academia de Español Sevilla is a well established Spanish school offering one to one classes with our teachers, who are qualified, professional and experienced. Sevilla tailors courses to the individual and is happy to provide teachers who have knowledge, experience or specific abilities according to the needs or interests of the students. We provide our students with notebooks and a grammar and exercise book according to their level; these books were written by our most experienced teachers and designed according to Sevilla course specifications.

The Easy Way To Learn Spanish!

One Student / One Teacher, The best way to learn Spanish!

At La Academia de Español – Sevilla, we believe that learning a language should be serious fun and we also believe that happy instructors make happy students. The school atmosphere is warm and inviting, our teachers, Director and staff are qualified, professional and experienced. Your course is not only designed to suit your academic needs, we make certain that you are comfortable with your surroundings. Your opinion of us is our primary concern. Click here for more information!










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We are a beautiful colonial style hostel located in the most visited place in Guatemala. Split Hostel is a truly special place sitting at the heart of La Antigua Guatemala. With 20 beds, 3 private rooms (single or double) perfect for individuals, couples, families and groups.

Split Hostel’s extensive facilities include clean bathrooms, a fully equipped self-catering kitchen, dining room, lounge with a fantastic atmosphere, laundry facilities, secure bike storage, and a patio area. Add our stunning location, just 5 blocks from the central park, to your quest for adventure, relaxation or celebration.

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A wonderful experience, live it, I did…

  • Client Image

    At relatively short notice I had decided to learn Spanish during my vacation. As no other country in Central and South America offers this extraordinary variety of culture and climate zones on smallest area I opted for Guatemala. Thanks to internet it was very simple finding a Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala and I decided for "Sevilla” Antigua Guatemala". I could select the hours per day and booked, via internet, classes for 6 weeks, from 8 o'clock to 12 o'clock. I did very much appreciate the school and still do. I chose to work with three different teachers, and found them all to be deeply engaged in giving you the best chances to progress in your spanish skills. Talking with the teachers I learned a lot about the historical and cultural background of Guatemala. And by the way, I progressed very much in my Spanish skills. The school offers many leisure-time facilities and helps you in getting to know Antigua and the surrounding countryside. Furthermore the school has its own internet access and, very important, a well filled coffee pot!! Further advantages of Sevilla Antigua are the accommodations. Via Sevilla you can also book the accommodation when you book your classes, is it in a Guatemalan family, where only Spanish is spoken, in the student accommodation, or in the hotel. The only risk with this journey consists of being caught by the charm of Guatemala and its inhabitants, which happened to me. For about a year I live in Antigua with my wife, an Antigueña, to whom I became acquainted during my vacations. Thus take care! If you have further questions, write me to the following address! [email protected]

    • Clemens Creydt
    • Student
  • Client Image

    I’ve always wanted to learn and speak proper Spanish and when I was recommend by a friend to study at Sevilla I didn’t hesitate to travel to Antigua and begin my Language Immersion Experience. I studied Spanish for 8 months at Sevilla and my Spanish Skills improved within the first week and furthermore I have built lifetime friendships with the staff. They are some of the most loving and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met and they make your learning experience so much easier. Also if you have any questions about the School, Antigua or of Guatemala, they try their best to assist you in finding this information out, which I have appreciated. I would gladly recommend Sevilla to anyone interested in learning and speaking proper Spanish. If you need to contact me for more knowledge of my Experience in Sevilla write me at the following address: [email protected]

    • Dwinessa Pratt
    • Spanish Student



Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala

Come this Sunday April 14th, to be part of this great experience. We elaborate a Carpet…

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